KINDER 1 and 2

Kinder 1 and 2

The Laura Vicuna Kindergarten Centre is located on Republic Street, Victoria.  The teaching staff is made up of three  assistants, Sr. Elsa Greter, Mrs. Jessica Muscat, Ms Pamela Dimech and Mrs. Sarah Cassar Casha.


The goal of this centre is to make a real difference in children’s lives by making them feel a part of a school group, make new friends and play co-operatively with each other while gaining the confidence of other adults outside home.  Our Kindergarten’s raisôn d’étre is to give the opportunity to young children to learn through play in an environment inspired from the teaching methods of St. John Bosco.  Apart from introducing them to pre-Maths, pre-Writing and pre-Reading, we organize an array of art and craft activities of high creative content which include all sorts of printing techniques, collage and decoupage creations & other activities linked to the expressive arts.


Learning through play is invaluable for children. Through play, children master basic skills which prepare them for understanding the world around them. Play helps children to pay attention, to concentrate and to give them the opportunity to face challenges, think through them and learn how to solve them.


The children at Laura Vicuna Kindergarten Centre are provided with the vital elements to prepare them for adult life while growing in mind, body and soul.

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