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The Parents Circle is a sub-committee of the PTA, formed by parents who donate their time to help during the various activities that the PTA approves for the year. Some members of the parents circle also form part of the PTA council and act as liaisons between the two committees.


The parents circle is the hands-on group who tend to the activities that are usually held during school hours including bake sales, coffee mornings, school parties, open days, Santa’s visit and also fundraising activities like lunches and dinner held during the year to help the PTA reach its aims. The parents circle also provide support to teachers and staff, during large events that the school organizes like the Christmas concert and outings where additional adult presence is required.

Donate Your Time!

Forming part of the Parents Circle requires one of the greatest type of donations: time. While today’s fast life has made our time even more precious, nothing is more precious than our children’s education. Thus if someone wishes to donate some of his time to lend a hand during activities that the PTA and Parent's Circle organize during the scholastic year, we ask that can contact us using the link to the right.


We're heard some people say: “But I can only afford to give 1 hour of my time during the entire year. So why should I bother?”   You have to realise that the 1 hour that you helped out today has saved a teacher or school administrator’s time that they can now contribute towards the education of our children.


How can I contribute with my donation of time?

The Parents Circle is formed by parents from all walks of life. Each contribute their skills and knowledge towards a common welfare.  Some donate their time to bake while others are helping during the school bake sales.  Others work in the IT sector and donate their time and skills to help keep the school’s technologies up-to-date.   Others are good with their hands and can lend a hand in some general maintenance at the school.


Any time added to this “bank” will increase the return the school gets and the more the school receives, the more it can give back to its pupils.


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